Pollinator Project

Some recent poster design for the Minnesota DNR. I love native pollinators and plants almost as much as simple and effective design.

Center for Irish Music

I’ve been designing posters, CD’s and other materials for the Center for Irish Music for several years now. The Center for Irish Music Center for Irish Music (CIM) is a thriving nonprofit community music school based in St. Paul’s Hamline-Midway neighborhood inside the Celtic Junction building.  The CIM is dedicated to handing down traditional Irish music to the traditional Irish music community. These small design projects are a great opportunity to play with illustration.

Great Northern Poster

I’ve really enjoyed designing posters for various music non-profits around town. Here’s one for an open-mic concert series.

YIM Concert Series

Complete was asked to develop a CD design for this Irish Music concert series. Each year, the Center for Irish Music in Saint Paul hosts the Young Irish Musicians Weekend. The event brings in master musicians from all over the world and culminates in a concert. Irish music is not known for being a hot-house of design innovation, so we decide to introduce some fun into the area. Using strong type and illustration we think we’ve come up with something fun and lasting.

Poster Offensive

The Poster Offensive is an exhibition series featuring political poster art. Poster Offensive was established first and foremost to promote peace and democracy. By utilizing the historically and politically potent medium of the poster, the show acts as an independent, nonpartisan collection of contemporary interpretations of political dissent.

Oxygen Plus

Oxygen Plus offered portable refreshing and invigorating oxygen to the spa and health consumer. Complete designs and develops all interactive branding including website, eCommerce, email basts, video and motion branding and much more. The site was completely modular and allows for the quick addition or new content and products.