Switch / Motion Graphics

CLIENT Switch// DELIVERABLES Motion Graphics// DATE 2008
ROLE Animation//


A series of videos done for the Switch Program – a series of activities and dieting programs for teens. Another collaboration with Spunk Design Machine. Spunk created the instruction manual illustrations, Complete took them and made ’em dance.

Switch is typical of a Complete motion project. A small budget, a quick timeframe and limited visual assets, but working inside of a small box is often the most creative.

Working with a stack of illustrations and a script that was far too long, we first storyboarded out a much more straight-forward script and sourced our voice talent.

All in all, we ended up with over 15 minutes of solid animation with included several 3D sequences. The video shown above is the second half of the animation on using the tracker.

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A shot of the initial title sequence.

A view of the tracker sheets. Data is written on to the sheets.

We used a lot of 3D shifts and pans to give some depth to the illustrations.

One of the fun type sequences. When you don't have a lot to work with, it's best to try to have some fun with the material.

This sequence visualized the tear-off of the totals report.

Showing how the weekly reports are collected and turned in.