The Future of Shopping

The Future of Shopping was a 12 week research project I undertook while I was at Philips Design. Two teams in Amsterdam and Singapore examined all aspects of the shopping experience. The resulting report, visual material and video were sold to various clients of Philips Design and used in the initiation of several other shopping related projects that will eventually result in a book by Philips Design.

The video is fairly straightforward, but in the simplicity there is a beauty. We collected thousands of assets of the shopping experience in Europe and Asia. Mostly still images but also some low-res video snippets. After sorting through the assets, each was placed into a category pertaining to the shopping cycle of Impression, Discovery, Use and Memory. These four stages of the shopping experience were then broken into video sequences detailing what each category contains. For Impression this could include shots of store signage and advertising. For Use it details the actual physical experience of checkout and bagging.