D'Amico Kitchen Video Blog / Website

CLIENT Brew Creative// COMPANY D'Amico Cucina// DELIVERABLES Website// DATE 10.2009
ROLE Design & Development// WWW

D’Amico Kitchen Video Blog

We created this video blog with our friends at Brew Creative. A really fun project that has been receiving a lot of attention from publications including the New York Times, Creativity Online, the Start Tribune and many others. Chef John Occhiato is the executive chef at the new D’Amico flagship restaurant D’Amico Kitchen. By giving him a video blog in addition to the nightly live kitchen video feed, we’re able to form a connection with existing and potential customers.

The site also features photographs of featured dishes that can enlarged using a simple Lightbox feature.

Visitors can also check out some of Chef John's favorite recipes (more coming all the time!), and with a custom print feature, print out easy-to-use versions of the recipes.